Stain Remover Foam Elimstain

Removes dirt and stains in seconds!

It is a multi-surface cleaner that produces a penetrating foam that picks up dirt where it hides.

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Why is this Stain Remover Foam the best on the market?

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Introducing the new Stain Remover Foam Elimstain

The mild and effective concentrated formula can emulsify grease and dirt on contact effortlessly with dense foam, no injury to hands or items, safe and fast.

How does it work?

A handy cleaning tool for solving grease messes. Suitable for a wide range of surfaces on vehicles, and more. Such as fabric, finished leather, glass, rubber, metals, gel coat, etc.

What do our customers say after testing our Stain Remover Foam Elimstain?

"The foam stain remover is perfect for cleaning the interior of my car. It effortlessly degreases and fights discolouration."
"I have used the foam stain remover all over my house and I am impressed by how it leaves everything without a single stain. It also protects against ageing and cracking."
"The foam stain remover is the best choice for cleaning my consoles and leather details. It provides long-lasting UV protection and leaves a glossy finish."
"I've been looking for a product that can clean my vinyl pieces without damaging them and I finally found it in this stain remover foam - it's perfect!"
"I used the Stain Remover Foam on the inside of my 17 year old truck. Over the years a lot of grime had accumulated. So I sprayed it on, let it sit for a while and wiped it down. This worked very well in removing years of nasty stains. Surprisingly, it also works great on bathroom tiles, bathtubs, kitchen counters, etc. Amazing product!"
"Since I have been using the foam stain remover, I no longer have to worry about dirt in my kitchen. Everything is easier, and my appliances look shinier than ever. I highly recommend it!"

Stain Remover Foam Elimstain


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