Stay warm this winter with the new innovative heater that’s selling like crazy

The portable heater capable of heating up the temperature in any every room that is a best seller right now.

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If you hate the cold but don't want to increase your heating bill, this is the best solution!

Many people are already buying their Heater T30 heater in anticipation and preparation for the cold winter weather ahead. Demand is likely to soar when the autumnal temperatures arrive next month. The problem people have is that most of obsolete heaters are big, expensive and they lack integrated thermostats to avoid energy waste

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Main advantages of the T30 heater

Fast heating

The portable heater capable of heating up the temperature in any every room that is a best seller right now

Intelligent on/off timer

LED screen, remote control and timer to activate it whenever you want

Saves money on electricity

Easily hang it on the wall or leave it on the table

Remote control

Silent, guaranteed power

12 hour programmable timer

Led display, remote control and programmer to activate the device at any time

Perfect gift

The perfect gift for family and friends!

How to use it?

Plug your Heater T30 into the power supply

Put an end to the cold in your home without excessive electricity consumption

Take it anywhere

What makes it so special?

It was built primarily for the harsh winters and low temperatures in Sweden. That makes it even more effective anywhere in the world where people want to heat their homes cheaply

What do people think after trying Heater T30?

"I am very satisfied with the purchase of this product! It is more than what I expected and the delivery is also fast and comes in a well-protected box. I looked at the reviews of other brands and none of them really convinced me. Finally I found it this brand and this product and saw that almost all reviews were positive"
"Excellent value for money and very fast delivery. The site offers many options for the elderly... Good prices and the order arrived the day I received it. I bought two devices as they offered the best value for money of all the options and I will definitely use them again"
"It was the first time that I bought something from this brand. Until now I have always been loyal to the well-known brands that I have been using all my life! The difference in price and the good reviews of this product compared to its competitors made me made me try it. After several weeks of use, I must say that I am very satisfied, I recommend it!"
"We use it to heat the bathroom and kitchen and it's perfect compared to the typical halogen stove we used to use"
"It's going well, I've been between several and that's perfect, heats the bath in a few minutes, has timer off and cooling to avoid burning and everything is fine, has been a success"
"I put it on 10 minutes before in a bathroom of about 5 square meters and it was warm... I am satisfied with my purchase"

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works is simple. You can plug it into any area of your home that you’re utilizing at that very moment – be it your bedroom, the baby’s nursery, your garage while you’re dabbling in some DIY, or your home office.


Unlike conventional heating systems which are installed in one place, Heater T30 is compact and portable, giving you more freedom as a consumer to move it and use it how you please.

Yes, they have a launch promotion with a 50% discount

Heater T30


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